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Sustainability related disclosures

Sustainalility Risk Policies

Please find below the disclosure on entitiy-level referred to in Article 3, 4 and 5 of Regulation (EU) 2019/2088

Developing sustainable and profitable businesses is at the heart of Borromin’s philosophy. One measure contributing to this objective is the enhancement of long-term value of Borromin’s portfolio companies by considering ESG aspects. Borromin is convinced that this approach leads to improved risk management and to better identification of value creation potential linked to investments made.To that end, Borromin has assessed relevant ESG criteria for each and all portfolio company (100%) and factors-in ESG criteria for all of its future investment decisions. Borromin’s dedicated ESG policy can be accessed following the link below.


Remuneration Policies

Borromin's remuneration policies support a solid and effective risk management. They are structured such that employees are not incentivised to take excessive risks but conduct their biusiness in a responsible manner. Accordingly, Borromin's remuneration policies support the responsible management of sustainability-related risks.

Further information about our ESG approach, especially about sustainabilty on product-level, can be found at "Learn more about our ESG approach"


Adverse Sustainability Impacts

Potential adverse sustainability impacts from portfolio companies are managed through Borromin's dedicated ESG assessment process. All portfolio companies are evaluated according to relevant ESG criteria. Should adverse impacts be identified within this process, Borromin engages with its portfolio companies to remediate the shortcomings in an adequate manner.

Borromin will gradually build up its reporting capabilities in this regard and will begin reporting on key performance indicators as stipulated within the Regulatory Technical Standard to the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation once reporting on these indicators is required.

Further information about our ESG philosophy, especially with regard to our sustainability approach at product level, can be found under "Learn more about our ESG approach" (bottom left).


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