Borromin structures, finances and assists
corporate successions


Borromin Capital Management GmbH (Borromin) has a successful track record of structuring, financing and assisting company successions in Germany and neighbouring countries. By providing equity we enable business owners to transfer their lifework to the next generation of management and then support the further development of the business. In addition we also provide equity for "spin-offs" from larger groups and expansion capital to companies with compelling growth opportunities. We attach great importance to enabling the management teams to become co-shareholders of the companies our funds invest in.

Borromin was founded in 2001 in Frankfurt as an independent private equity advisory business owned by its directors and is currently advising its fourth generation of funds. The fund capital is provided primarily by institutional, but also private investors from Germany and abroad.



Partner of the "Mittelstand"

Borromin has a strong tradition as a partner for "Mittelstand" businesses. Our roots and values provide us with an in-depth understanding of the needs and issues faced by German SMEs.


  • Since its inception in 2001 Borromin has not only gained extensive experience in structuring corporate successions, but has also established its reputation as a solid and reliable partner
  • All company information we receive is treated with the strictest confidence
  • Short and efficient processes enable us to make quick decisions
  • As a German business we have the understanding, expertise and flexibility to support the specific requirements of entrepreneurs and management teams

Our logo and name

The Borromin logo reflects our objective to optimise the outcome for the three principal parties involved in a transaction. The concept of the three interlocking rings symbolises the three principal parties involved in a transaction: the vendor, management and the investor. Our experience shows: The larger the overlap of interests, the more successful the project is likely to be for all concerned.

The name "Borromin" focuses on the company's logo and its meaning, the Borromean rings: three intertwined rings, which symbolise strength through unity.