Our objective is sustainable and profitable development of businesses

Investment in SMEs

Borromin focuses on Management Buy-Outs (MBOs) providing financial solutions for companies facing succession issues and spin-offs of non-core businesses from larger groups. In addition Borromin also provides expansion capital to companies with compelling growth opportunities. Target companies are located in Germany, but also in neighbouring countries (DACH and Benelux) and have enterprise values of € 20 to 150 million.

We develop financing solutions tailored to each individual company's situation. These solutions must fit with the company's current needs but also offer flexibility to respond to unexpected developments.

Investment in growth

Our objective is sustainable and profitable development of businesses. We support companies both in entering new markets and expanding their product range as well as the implementation of new processes. If the opportunity arises to strengthen the market position through the acquisition of a competitor or supplier, we will provide management with the assistance required to complete the transaction.

One key element of our focus is the implementation of internal structures and professional processes required to support a company's growth process. Of particular importance is the formation of strong first and second tier management teams, that are empowered to take overall responsibility for the business development.



Investment in people

An MBO does not just represent management taking on more responsibility, but also a change of perspective from manager to owner. With many transactions of this kind under our belt, we have a wealth of experience in supporting management teams during this development process. Our partnership relationship with the management teams of our portfolio companies is based on open communication, mutual trust and long-term perspectives.

Our central task is to provide the management teams with all of the support needed for the ongoing success of the business. This means, amongst other things, enssuring a solid financial footing and support with strategic issues, usually involving the introduction of a qualified industry expert to the advisory board of the company.

We invest a lot of time to achieve a deep understanding of possible portfolio companies and its markets. However, despite of all our analysis and precautionary measures, we are fully aware that at the end of the day our main investment is in people.

We know:

At the end of the day
our main investment
is in people