Barat Ceramics Group

High precision ceramics



Barat Ceramics sells in-house produced industrial ceramics components worldwide and specialises in medical technology, plant and mechanical Engineering, as well as measurement and control technology. The company is based in Auma-Weidatal (Thuringia, Germany) and is involved in the development, production and distribution of oxide-ceramics. Barat Ceramics offers its customers a wide range of modern, high-performance products for a multitude of applications.

Initial Situation

In order to support further growth of the business, Borromin Capital Fund III, LP, alongside the company's management, acquired Barat Ceramics in October 2012.

Corporate Development

Among other things, Borromin has advised and supported the management of Barat Ceramics with the following projects:

  • Management succession
  • Development of new business areas abroad
  • Optimisation of production
  • Strengthening of the management team
  • Implementation of an advisory board with sector experts


In December 2018 Borromin sold its shares to Qsil, a leading producer of fused quartz products.