Kempf Group

A leading manufacturer of customised lorry semi-trailers with tilt mechanisms.



Founded in 1950 by Walter Kempf, KEMPF is a leading manufacturer of customised lorry semi-trailers with tilt mechanisms. Kempf trailers are used for special applications in the areas of construction, agriculture and special logistics. The company supports its customers with tailor-made solutions for various transport requirements such as dump trucks and trailers, tipping semi-trailers, beverage semi-trailers, sliding floor systems as well as a large number of special vehicles. Its ability to think and act in a market orientated way, its substantial know-how and its development of intelligent vehicle concepts has positioned KEMPF as a leading supplier not only in Germany but also throughout Europe.

Initial Situation

To support further international expansion of the business, Borromin Capital Fund IV SCS SICAV-RAIF acquired a majority stake in Kempf Group in February 2019. The transaction comprised Kempf Holding, based in Bad Marienburg, Germany (with a plants in Poland), and Kempf Reparatur based in Nisterau, Germany.

Corporate Development

Borromin will work closely with management to support the following strategic and structural development projects:

  • Implementation of an advisory board including sector experts
  • Strengthen the integration of the two group companies
  • Development of innovative products
  • Entry into new markets
  • Continued internationalisation