One of the leading business process outsourcing providers in Germany



Founded in 1998 as an IT service provider, management has successfully developed QITS into an innovative business process outsourcing provider with its own software solutions. From its site in Ratingen, the company offers its customers digital and physical output management services for the secure preparation, processing, and distribution of highly sensitive business information. In this process QITS not only automates the complex process of digital content creation but also establishes secure data handling processes complying with all data protection and security regulations until the final recipient receives the document.


Initial Situation

As part of a management buy-out, Borromin Capital Fund IV has acquired a stake in QITS GmbH. The company was previously part of the ADCO group, which in future will focus on its core business in the area of mobile sanitary and hygiene services.


Corporate Development

Borromin will work closely with management to support the following strategic and structural development projects:

  • Geographical expansion of the business
  • Internationalisation
  • Add-on acquisitions
  • Development of new sales markets
  • Expansion of the range of services (focus: software)