Food & Service Group

A leading wholesaler and logistics company for the food industry


The company was founded as a family business in the 1960s with family members remaining involved in its management ever since. Headquartered in Mülheim an der Ruhr (North Rhine-Westphalia - "NRW"), Food & Service Group is a manufacturer of meat products (primarily sausages) and a wholesale distributor of items for the food industry. The business operates its own logistics fleet specialising in just-in-time delivery to small restaurants and wholesalers, mainly in NRW. The Hermesmeyer group offers a product range of approximately 4,000 food and non-food products, comprising own and third-party brands as well as private label goods.      

Initial Situation

As part of the reorganisation of the shareholder structure, Borromin Capital Fund III, L.P., acquired a stake in Food & Service group in June 2015. Together with the CEO who continued to be a shareholder in the group, Borromin supported the group's regional expansion as well as the strategic and personnel development of the company.

Corporate Development

During the investment period Borromin worked closely with the management of Food & Service Group and supported the following projects for the company's development:

  • Expansion and professionalisation of management structures
  • Regional expansion through the acquisition of local competitors
  • Merging the companies into a group with the establishment of central functions (purchasing, finance and accounting, etc.)

In October 2019 the sale of Food & Service group to a financial investor was successfully completed.