proFagus Group

Germany's leading manufacturer of high-quality beech wood charcoal and natural additive products


ProFagus is a leading German manufacturer of high quality beech wood charcoal and briquettes. In addition, an increasingly important part of the business is the production of "Natural Additive" such as smoke flavours or acetic acids, which are sold to the food or pharmaceutical industries. Natural Additives are a side product to the charcoal production in proFagus' unique pyrolysis process.  Operating from its production site in Bodenfelde, Lower Saxony, proFagus typically sources sustainable beech wood as a mix of scrap from saw mills and timber from surrounding forests.

Inititial Situation

In order to support further growth of the business Borromin, alongside the company's management, acquired a majority stake in proFagus group in May 2010. Some of the individual private investors who sold the business remain committed to proFagus via re-investments. The transaction structure developed by Borromin allowed for the optimal financing of the seasonal working capital requirements as well as investment in the expansion of the production capacity.

Corporate Development

Since the acquisition of its stake in proFagus in May 2010, Borromin has supported its Management particularly with regard to the expansion of the premium brand strategy and the development of the "Natural Additives" business unit:

  • Moderrnisation and expansion of its production facilities
  • Investment in environmental protection measures
  • Expanding the market presence of premium charcoal
  • Expansion of the "Natural Additives" business, including:
    • Renegotiation of a previously inhibitive distribution agreement
    • Building a team for development and marketing
    • Financing new production plant